Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What were the articles?

Towards the end of my interview with Thomas J. Garza, he mentioned that he'd 'done a couple of articles that talk about the contemporary Russian vampire in terms of Othering of the Chechens, Caucasians (people of the Caucasus), and Central Asians in Russia', but didn't say what they were called or where they were published.

So, I asked him ('RE: A brief interview?‏', Monday, 19 September 2011 4:19:06 PM).

He got back to my shortly afterwards ('RE: A brief interview?', Tuesday, 20 September 2011 3:54:10 AM). They were 'From Aga Khan to dim sum: New Russia’s Asian appetite', Ulbandus: the Slavic review of Columbia University, vol. 11, 2008 (pp. 1–22) and 'Conservative vanguard? The politics of New Russia’s youth', Current History, vol. 105, no. 693, October 2006 (pp. 327–33).

If you're interested in obtaining these articles, you'll find Ulbandus' page here, and Current History's page here.

He added, 'In both of these articles, I make reference to the "othering" of Chechens by Russian authorities (notably, Putin himself), as "vampires" in the press and media.'

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