Thursday, 22 September 2011

Bourre's other book

I recently mentioned that I'd ordered two books by Jean-Paul Bourre from eBay. The other one was Le culte du vampire aujourd'hui (Nice: Editions Alain Fefeuvre, 1978), which I scored for EUR 4.99.

I wasn't actually looking for this book, I was looking for the other one because of its relevance to the Highgate vampire case. But when I saw the seller had a copy of this, too, I thought 'Why not?'.

I'm not expecting much out of this one. Rob Brautigam, creator of Shroudeater, has this to say about Bourre's books on vampirism: 'Ok, so maybe I don't consider Jean Paul Bourre to be "vampire researcher number one", but I have to hand it to him that his books (and often pretty wild stories) are practically always fascinating and entertaining.' We'll see.

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