Friday, 17 February 2012

Vampire studies

You've probably seen novelty doctorates from dubious institutions like the 'University of Transylvania' (left)—not to be confused with actual Transylvanian universities like the Transylvania University of Brașov and Sapientia University.

But did you know there really is a course you can take on vampirology and—brace yourselves—it'll be held in Transylvania? I'm talking about the Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School.

'Every story has its charm, every story has it’s beginning and end, and nothing changes,' reads its main page. 'Over and over again. Each story comes with its own fragrance and its own time.' Quite. In breathless, second-language-English, it adds:
Transylvanian Vampirology Summer School brings you the story behind the most fascinating story ever told on the face of the earth. Vampire’s story. There is something that you can’t say about many other stories, as loved as much as this one, the fascinating world of vampires comes from a story that took place in idyllic places, that drank the same amount of blood, a story born in a world not in a utopian world at all.
Unfortunately, details are scarce at this point. It does discuss what'll be taught in the courses—'History', 'Symbolism', 'Films', 'Books' and 'Mythology'—but, as of this writing, its speakers are 'Under construction', there are no prices and the course's starting date is 'yet to be announced.'

It does have a Facebook page, though. Its earliest post dates January 27th, so I guess they're still getting everything sorted.

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