Saturday, 6 April 2013

I'm in a book!

Bite Me Really Hard
In the previous entry, I wrote: "I contributed a short essay to the upcoming edition of Vampire News . . . If it sees publication, it'll be the first thing I've ever had published in book form."

And lo, it's come to pass. Vampire News: The (Not So) End Times Edition!, vol. 2, is now available for download (9.20 MB pdf). It's free! A print version will be available soon. My contibution, "A Vampiric Proposal", appears on pages 56—59. 

Other essays include The Vampire Observer's "Giving Back the Vampire to Mythology", Angie Harp's "Vampires in Supernatural" and Matthew Banks' "The Road to Dracula" (props, buddy!).

As an added bonus, a Facebook group conversation between me, Kyle Germann, Stavros Cockrell, James Lyon, Andy Boylan, David Baymiller and Andy Parciorek features on pages 109—120. It was taken from the group I co-admin, Vampire Lore and Legends

There's a lot of goodies inside this thing, including a vampire retrospective for 2012 (I wrote a few entries for that, too). There's something for vamplovers everywhere. Download your copy today!
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