Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nice Try, Parasite!

Vebjørn Hästehufvud is up to his old tricks again. Not content with ripping off my blog title and Facebook group, he's now trying another tack: suggesting I ripped him off. 

My friend, Angie "Blackorchid" Watkins, posted a link to my exposé on her Facebook group, "Highgate! Highgate! Highgate!". Here's what Hästehufvud had to say:


On the surface, that's pretty damning—only if you completely ignore the times the respective groups were founded. Here's mine:


And here's Hästehufvud's:


If you don't see the same times appear when you check the links out, there's a reason for that. Fellow "Vampirologist" member, Roger Peterson, explains:


Hästehufvud also failed to explain how my time travelling capabilities were responsible for the way his fellow admin, Veritas Aequitas, was able to crib my banner design:

Fortunately, Hästehufvud addressed that issue—by not acknowledging the theft, retaining the title design, changing the background pic and adding another shitty filter on top:


Apart from this pathetic attempt at revisionism, Hästehufvud has also edited out references to Sean Manchester in the banner. Pretty timely, in the wake of my outing Manchester as one of the group's admins.

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