Friday, 2 August 2013

Round Table Discussion

I recently had the privilege of taking part in a round table discussion called "Vampyre ~ Superstition, Society and Subculture" for Real Vampire Life, an independent e-zine.

Real Vampire Life

The other guests were The Dark Rose Journal's creator and editor, Julia DarkRose Ray; author Gabrielle Faust and Smoke and Mirrors administrator, Tania (a.k.a Hellkat). I was very impressed by the questions on offer. Here's a taste:
Many of the ancient “vampires” were associated with disembodied, or metamorphic, “spirits”, such as the Tagalog (Philippines) Mandurugo and the Impundulu of the Eastern Cape region of Africa, how important do you think it was for the mythical vampire to graduate from these type of creatures to “physical” incarnations to sustain the mythology?
Certainly not the stuff of "So, what got you into vampires?" variety! It was quite a challenge—in a good way. Be sure to check it out! In the meantime, I'd like to complement the host, Tim, for his thought-provoking questions and the fellow participants for their intriguing responses.

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