Monday, 26 September 2011

My reading list 2

Vampire news
I've made two additions to the reading list. Both scored entries in Carrie Carolin's list of 13 great vampire blogs.

Firstly, Everlost's Vampire news. Don't recall how I first came across his blog, but his Fright night coverage certainly lured me in. Fright night (1985), you see, is one of my favourite vampire flicks. It was recently remade (groan) and, thanks to him, I got the drop on which actress was playing Amy. As it happens, his latest blog entry concerns the remake, too: DVD cover art. 

Blimey. It's only just started screening in cinemas here. It must've died in the arse up in the States. If that'll deter the spate of pointless, cash-grab remakes we've been forced to endure in the last few years (with more on the way), then I say—good!

The second addition's Patricia Altner's Patricia's vampire notes. It's effectively an extension of her 1998 book, Vampire readings: an annotated bibliography and contains her 'musings on vampires and various other fictional, paranormal critters.'

As to the reading list, itself, I'm still thinking of revising it. Not the entries, themselves, mind, but figuring out a way of incorporating other, not-necessarily-vampire blogs on the—or a—list. I'm thinking something along the lines of the various blog categories ('Comics', 'Culture', 'Horror', 'Books', 'Movies') featured in Curt Purcell's The groovy age of horror. Something like that.

Oh, and by the way, I've got a new e-mail addy: thevampirologist [at] hotmail dot com. I've added it to my profile.


Everlost said...

Hi anthony... i think i had that comment glitch you mentioned! Anyway, thanks for the plug, i gave you a plug right back yesterday and put you on my links.

Good luck with the new blog!


Anthony Hogg said...

I've set comments to 'Full page' view, so hopefully that works now.

I wouldn't call what I wrote a plug, per se. Just credit where it's due. :)

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