Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My reading list 3

Been a while since I updated the thing. First, some familiar 'faces'. Michele Hauf's VampChix, Elizabeth Miller's livejournal, Curt Purcell's The groovy age of horror, Brian Solomon's The vault of horror, and bshistorian's The bs historian have been reinstituted. Blog's felt naked without 'em.

Speaking of naked, I should point out that Purcell's blog occasionally contains explicit content, if you catch my drift. Not one for the kiddies or workplace.

Wesleyan University Press
Time for the newcomers; although, this one should've been on the other blog all along. Can't believe I hadn't included Michael E. Bell's online writings in my old blog's 'Reading list'. Readers may recognise him as the author of Food for the dead: on the trail of New England's vampires (2001; 2011)—a book which should be in every vampire scholar's library.

This time round, I've added not one, but—count 'em—two of his blogs here: Food for the dead and Vampires grasp. If the latter's title doesn't sound familiar, strap yourself in: it's a 'teaser' for his next book. His user profile reveals it'll 'be published in 2012 by Wesleyan University Press'. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

While it doesn't exclusively deal with vampires—indeed, they're barely mentioned—I've added Paul Bibeau's Goblinbooks to the list, as it makes entertaining reading. It does have a vampire connection, though: its author wrote Sundays with Vlad: from Pennsylvania to Transylvania, one man's quest to live in the world of the undead (2007).


dbaymiller said...

Thanks for the heads up on Bell's blogs!

Anthony Hogg said...

No worries! :)

Looking forward to his new book!

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