Friday, 16 December 2011

Minor adjustments

I've just been toying with the design on this blog. Haven't changed much. Just some font types and link colours. They're brighter now. Bigger blog title, too.

So now the main text's a 12pt Georgia, rather than Arial. Looks better in my view. Hopefully, it's just as readable. I've also pulled the random posts function, as it was screwing with the rest of the layout.

I was thinking of formatting subsequent pics with Instagram-style filters, until I read this hysterical rant decrying the habit. It made some good points. We'll see.

Speaking of adjustments, I should point out that the 'trailor' featured in the previous entry is not a trailer, misspelling to the contrary. It's actually a teaser. Some pre-production footage, giving viewers an idea of what the film'll look like when it's done. That'd explain why that swooping owl looks so poxy.

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