Saturday, 8 October 2011

Vampire Cage creator on imitators

Looks like I'm not the only one who's noticed attempts to cash-in on the Nicholas Cage vampire picture business. The guy who started it all, Jack Mord aka diabolus, has seem 'em too, adding 'Ha, that's funny. Most of those dudes don't even look like their celeb counterparts!'

The superficial
To him, the original's still the best ('But my Vampire Cage kicks butt!'). One of the better-known examples following in the footsteps of Mord's 'Vampire Cage', is another eBay seller's attempt to palm off a 19th century photograph for an exorbitant price, citing it as evidence of a famous American actor's supposed supernatural origins. In this case, John Travolta (left).

But it turns out that seller of that pic, might not be so random. According to Mord, 'I know the person who owns the Travolta one, they've been an online friend of mine for a few years.'

The 'success' of the Vampire Cage picture has greatly amused Jack: 'The amount of publicity it's gotten is hilarious. My photo was on several TV shows here - Good Morning America, The View, The Today Show, CNN (though I was unable to confirm that one personally), and a lot of celeb magazines.' And it's true. The amount of available news coverage on Vampire Cage is astounding. But without anything new to add, interest's starting to die off.

With all the publicity it's attracted, one wonders if Mord managed to sell Vampire Cage at his million dollar asking price. The attended news coverage should've landed him something, surely. Forum member, blythe, asked him: 'So are you making any money off of this?' Mord replied, 'Some, from the magazines and TV shows, but eBay went out of their way to make sure I couldn't make a penny from it on their site!'

That wasn't eBay's official reason for removing it, and it's not the reason Mord's given to news media: 'Mord says eBay initially asked him to take it down because he was "using a brand name" by mentioning Nicholas Cage.' Initially, because he reposted it 'without featuring the star's name, but eBay removed the photo again saying there were "reports" that the photo was not authentic.' Go figure.

A major British newspaper's gotten in on the act, and begun 'spotting' undead/time-travelling-reincarnated celebrities from the past. Must've been another slow news day.

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