Tuesday, 11 October 2011



I've uncovered an intriguing publication called Fastitocalon, which 'aims at promoting a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of fantasticism across the ages.' Its first volume—divided into issues 1 and 2—'is dedicated to the exploration of the literary, poetical, cultural and historical aspects of the immortals and the undead.'

Of particular note, for vampiric content, is Dirk Vanderbeke's 'The vampire strikes back: on the history of a nightwalker' and Eugenio Olivares Merino's two-parter, 'The (Medi)evil dead: revenants and vampires in twelfth century English literature.' The site feature's Mythlore's review of the volume (pdf).1

Whether you think these articles justify the €15,00 price tag per volume (I don't), is up to you. Nonetheless, you can buy issues one and two through the journal's publisher, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier. Despite the exorbitant price, I'll probably bite the bullet and buy 'em anyway.

1. JB Croft, review of Fastitocalon: studies in fantasticism ancient to modern: immortals and the undead (eds.) Thomas Honneger & Fanfan Chen, Mytholore, vol. 29, no. 12, 2010, pp. 188–92.

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