Thursday, 30 May 2013

I'm a What?

While googling about, I came across an article on Smashing Lists, titled "Top 10 Real-life Vampire Hunters." Let's say I was quite surprised by the fifth entry:

Smashing Lists

Certain readers may recall my former blog, Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist. I stopped writing it in 2011. As far as I know, I never gave the impression that I hunted vampires. I don't. Never have. Hell, I don't even believe they exist—sorry to disappoint.

I'll admit though, I used to fantasise about being one. When I was younger, I used to collect crucifixes. I once bought a special bottle from a $2 store, with the intent of putting holy water in it. One Hallowe'en—2006, I think it was—I  dressed as vampire hunter and walked the streets of Melbourne... but no, I've never tried to hunt them.

When I started this particular blog, I wasn't upgrading to Van Helsing expert-level. I just wanted to shrug off the "amateur" label: "The 'amateur' tag was a self-imposed albatross 'round my neck, which left me wanting to branch out into something a little more...professional." I didn't mean professional vampire hunting.

For the record, vampirologists study vampires. Not necessarily the real deal, but vampires as a subject. You don't have to believe in elves, pixies or fairies to be a folklorist—same deal for vampirologists.

I did find the article amusing. I've got no real beef with it—unless people take it seriously. I hope they don't! But as to wondering whether I've "indulged in a bit of vampire killing", it would've been nice if the author asked first!

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