Saturday, 23 March 2013

Update 3

From time to time, I like to write little updates (previous instalment)—when I neglect my blog too long. Sorry to leave you hanging. I've just been distracted with a bunch of things lately.

To make up for that, I'll share a few vampire-related things that've been going on. Thoughts, doings, events and whatnot.

On February 14, Trystan Swale interviewed me for his podcast show, Fortean Radio. Give it a listen. It goes about half an hour or so—and it also happens to be the first podcast I've ever done! Be gentle. It was released on March 2. The episode's topic? The Highgate Vampire case. 

Readers may be familiar with my work on the case, via my other blog, Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?. I gave an overview of the case and briefly discussed my thoughts on vampires. The episode was reviewed by Nigel St. Whitehall.

Note: when the podcast was conducted, I was co-admin of The Highgate Cemetery Vampire Appreciation Society. I'm no longer a member of the group, however—I was booted off on February 28.

I have my own Highgate Vampire Facebook group, which you can join here. Its banner (above) was lovingly crafted by David MacDowell Blue, who edited The Annotated Carmilla (2011) and wrote Your Vampire Story (And How to Write It) (2012).

I contributed a short essay to the upcoming edition of Vampire News (previous edition). If it sees publication, it'll be the first thing I've ever had published in book form. Prior that, I've had an article published in the Transylvanian Society of Dracula's newsletter, The Borgo Post

So, what's my essay about? A topic I've previously discussed on this blog—but expanded. I'll let you know more if it sees print. If not, I'll probably post it here.

Speaking of contributions, when I get some free time, I'll be writing a guest entry Kyle Germann's blog, The Demon Hunter's Compendium. You'll see his blog in the "Reading List" on the right side of the page. It'll be a profile on the Highgate Vampire. 

Stay tuned for that, too! In the meantime, you can find Kyle and I discussing vampy things on the Vampire Lore and Legends Facebook group. I'm its co-admin. Drop by, say hi!

I was at a local library on Monday and I came across a vampire book I'd never heard of: Megan Norris' True True Blood (2012). I'd probably never heard of it, because it's a local publication—those don't get much prominence on Amazon. Also, it's not my usual forte: it was in the true crime section. Yep, it's about vampire killings.

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