Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Calmet on eBay

Dom Calmet Augustin's Dissertations sur les apparitions, des anges, des démons et des esprits, et sur les revenants et vampires de Hongrie, de Boheme, de Moravie et de Silésie (1746) is one of the all-time most influential works on vampirism. It was a best-seller in its time. A second and third edition were released in 1749 and 1751.

A copy of the latter edition—Traité sur les apparitions des esprits, et sur les vampires, ou les revenants de Hongrie, de Moravie, & c.—is available on eBay

Current bid for both volumes? £34.33. There are currently 10 bids on it and five days left to go. Better get cracking!

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